Keyboard Layout Simplifying Slavic Latin Diacritics Input

Why Not Stick with the Default Layout?

Let's break it down. The standard layout doesn't quite match up with the familiar Latin QWERTY we're used to. There's a bit of a learning curve, and those extra characters (Č, Ć, Đ, Š, Ž) overlap the punctuation keys. It becomes especially frustrating if you find yourself typing more often in English than in Serbo-Croatian. This can pose a significant headache for programmers.

What's the Solution?

This layout offers the option to conveniently access accent characters by utilizing a separate input level, accessible through the ⌥ Opt key. So, this not only facilitates typing in Serbo-Croatian but also caters to the broader range of the Slavic Latin alphabet.

What's Included?

Mono variant
Flag variant

Installation Steps

  1. Download the distribution.

  2. Install the Jugoslavica.bundle file with the Keyboard Installer app.

  3. Navigate to System Preferences → Keyboard → Input sources, and add Jugoslavica. Choose the Flag and Mono icon variations based on your liking.

  4. To remove the original English layout, temporarily add Vietnamese (simple telex), remove English, and then remove Vietnamese.

  5. You might need to log out and log back in for everything to work smoothly.

Give it a try and enjoy typing with Jugoslavica! 🚀